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Behind The Groove Panel on Science and Music


Spencer Galbreath is an American music executive with roots in Interscope Records. He is noteworthy for increasing their market share impelling artists such as 2Pac, 50cent, Game, Sting, Keshia Cole, Robin Thicke, and Bishop Lamount.


Spencer’s power to take an opportunity and elevate it – there’s no limits or boundaries to his ability as a marketing guru infusing his experience to mastermind deals with Fortune 500 Companies.

With decades of marketing experience and a creative lifestyle navigating the world of advertising, marketing, and branding, has made a significant impact on the entertainment business. Whether his role is with venture capital-backed startup, or a publicly traded company he enlightens as a musical innovator.A dreamer, risk-taker & innovator he takes that aspect of his persona and manifests it into his day to day lifestyle—in other words it’s his mantra.