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Pollinators Under Pressure

Mathew Schmid is a Principal of Tree Media and is spearheading Treemagination for Tree Media. 

With a lifelong background in Waldorf education based on the principles of Anthroposophy, Mathew has turned his attention to creating an educational curriculum to support individual and group development.  Mathew is currently producing Ice on Fire for HBO and The Arrow of Time, a feature documentary on Gorbachev.  Prior he most recently produced We the People 2.0 and was the Executive Producer and Producer of Urban Roots, a film about urban farming in Detroit; and produced and directed Giving Birth as well as produced "Driving Fashion Forward with Amber Valletta". Mathew also produced "Green World Rising with Leonardo DiCaprio.

 Mathew’s path of inquiry and interest in understanding how the soulful and spiritual values of personal development unfold has led him to careers grounded in communications, writing, and teaching. After attending UCLA Extension for Graphic Design and completing his Masters at the Pädagogische Hochschule Stuttgart, Germany in pedagogy, Mathew founded schmid:zone, a design and marketing company, giving a voice and face to various schools and organizations in Germany and the United States. He has also taught the Waldorf Curriculum and Methodology for several years. It is through his teaching experience, and through dialogue with faculty and parents, that Mathew felt the need for a deepening exploration of human development, and thus the idea of creating a global curriculum was born and which we now call Treemagination. The idea extends to the creation of a real center where the practice and study of subjects like Education, Eurythmy, Biodymanics, Relationships, and Health can prosper.


Mathew’s observation of pop culture and our consumer society has led him to write and create new concepts and approaches that add a clarity to understanding human development.