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Pollinators Under Pressure


Executive Producer/Environmental Justice Activist/Organizer Laura Cox grew up in the town of Lake Charles Louisiana surrounded by dozens of chemical plants. She began her environmental organizing in the small neighboring freetown of Mossville Louisiana with Greenpeace against the Vinyl Industry in the 90's and early 2000's. 

She was featured in the Sundance Award-winning Film Blue Vinyl by Judith Helfand Motivated by the plight of pollinators and the lack of information about them she partnered with George and Leo DiCaprio. George introduced Laura to the amazing film makers Leila Conner and Mathew Schmid.

Together they partnered with numerous scientists working with NGO's on pollinator issues, and were able to get funding for the film and great assistance from the US Forest Service during the Obama Administration.


"Barack Obama had a Pollinator Memorandum which sparked these partnerships and the film. When we realized the plight of the pollinator we both agreed we wanted all of the schools to have a tool for sparking interest in green learning gardens with a pollinator forward approach. We hope you enjoy our film. It was made by the people and for the people."