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Pollinators Under Pressure

George Paul DiCaprio is an American writer, editor, publisher, distributor, and former performance artist, known for his work in the realm of underground comix. He has collaborated with Timothy Leary and Laurie Anderson. He is the father Leonardo DiCaprio.

DiCaprio was active in underground comix throughout the 1970s, as a writer, editor, publisher, and distributor.[6] He is known for such titles as Greaser Comics (Half-Ass Press/Last Gasp), Forbidden Knowledge (Last Gasp), and Cocaine Comix (Last Gasp), collaborating with artists such as Laurie Anderson, Pete von Sholly, and Rich Chidlaw.

He was also a performance artist. Comics writer Harvey Pekar details a DiCaprio performance in Los Angeles in February 1988 where DiCaprio did "a light show using brine shrimp and worms. I'd hit 'em with cold water and they'd move around and I'd project 'em on a wall magnified. It blew people's minds."

DiCaprio played an important role in his son's early career as an actor. He used to screen scripts for him, and was instrumental in getting Leo to play Rimbaud in the 1995 film Total Eclipse.

He is a German immigrant, in college; the two later married and moved to Los Angeles. The couple had one son, Leonardo DiCaprio, and divorced shortly after, when the boy was a year old.

DiCaprio married Peggy Ferrar in 1995, in a ceremony presided over by counterculture icon Timothy Leary. (DiCaprio had collaborated with him on the comic book Neurocomics).