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Behind The Groove Panel on Science and Music


A DJ/Emcee/Writer/Director/Musician/Educator hailing from Compton, CA. Most noted for joining the World Class Wreckin' Cru (1983-1985) and his contribution for the break-through west coast electro-rap records "Surgery", "Juice" and “World Class”. Shortly after leaving the Cru, Cli-N-Tel released a well-regarded Electro record titled "2030" in 1986. Two years later he resurfaced on Sutra Records releasing the singles “It’s Time To Jam”, Ling-O-Istic” and “It Aint Mine”. However Cli-N-Tel eventually focused his attention on creating film screenplays, moving away from releasing albums. 

In 1993 he contributed tracks to the Dr. Dre anthology album, "Concrete Roots" (Title Track), and “Mo Juice”. “Concrete Roots” went gold, peaked at number 43 on the Billboard Top 200 and number 17 on the Billboard R&B/Hip Hop Charts. During the late 90's Cli-N-Tel toured Japan and spent time working on several hip-hop tracks and releasing a full-length album entitled "Shining on the Funk" on the Japanese Blue Dolphin label. 


Cli-N-Tel continues to write music and work with new artists. His current releases at the time of this article are the title track to the Universal Hip Hop Museum Album “16 Bars 4 Hip Hop” and the UGS 4 Life “Fxck The Lamestream” Album tracks “Lets Ride” and “That Feeling.” He is a motivational speaker and film director. He directed the series "A Youngman's Guide To Survival". Cli-N-Tel also wrote and directed the stage play “The Brothers Jones”, short film “First” ; and is currently directing the feature film “Blazed and Amused”. His acting credits include “Frost”, “Finding the Boom Bap”, “Surviving Paradise”, and “First.”